Silicon Carbide Crucible and Sagger

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Silicon Carbide Crucible and Sagger

Silicon carbide crucible and sagger have long lifespan due to their high purity, thermal stability, and resistance to oxidation, corrosion and peeling. They are widely used in industries of metallurgy, electronics, chemical, mono-crystalline silicon, glass, etc.

Silicon carbide crucible and sagger are containers in which solid can be heated and liquid can be crystallized. Our product is able to maintain its high force bearing under 1380 centigrade. The low heat expansion coefficient of SiSiC contributes to the shape and dimensional stability of our product, eliminating the probability of crack in heating or cooling process. The sufficient heat conductivity ensures the heating efficiency.

We are a specialized silicon carbide crucible and sagger manufacturer in China. We also provide silicon carbide ceramic wear resistant pipe, desulfurization dust spray nozzle, silicon carbide ceramic beam, SISIC air cooling pipe, and more.

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  • Silicon Carbide Ceramic BurnerSilicon carbide ceramic burner is an ideal combustor for various industrial gas or oil furnace, such as roller kiln, tunnel furnace and shuttle kiln. It features thermal shock resistance, high sturdiness and long lifespan, avoiding the generation of slag or crack. It can effectively limit the temperature difference in furnace.
  • Silicon Carbide Ceramic Thermal PipeSilicon carbide ceramic thermal pipe is an essential for new type thermal treatment furnace, such as normalizing furnace in steel rolling mill. It is the most ideal heat conductive muffle material under temperature below 1380℃. The product features excellent heat conductivity, four to six times of hot metal. It also has advantage in endurance against heat, corrosion, oxidation and creep.