Desulfurization Dust Spray Nozzle

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Desulfurization Dust Spray Nozzle

Desulfurization dust spray nozzle adopts SiSiC as its material which features high rigidity, low weight, surface precision, and endurance against wear, corrosion, oxidation and high temperature (below 1400℃). It can serve for over ten years in a wearing, corrosive and high-temperature environment without maintenance. It is widely used in desulfurizaiton and dedusting equipment due to its unobstructed passway and uniform spray droplet distribution. It is usually mounted in flanging or bonding connection mode.

Desulfurization dust spray nozzle is used to process the emitted tail gas, otherwise unprocessed tail gas will cause air pollution and acid rain. It is can also purify the fuel gas in system, avoiding the chemical damage of components. Our products are made from SiSiC material, able to maintain its strength, shape and desulfurization performance after long-term operation in high-temperature environment.

We are a professional desulfurization dust spray nozzle manufacturer in China. We provide various types of products such as SISIC air cooling pipe, silicon carbide roller, silicon carbide ceramic beam, and silicon carbide ceramic burner.

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