Silicon Carbide Sandblasting Nozzle

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Silicon Carbide Sandblasting Nozzle

Silicon carbide sandblasting nozzle features high rigidity and endurance to temperature, wear, corrosion and thermal shock. It is widely used in the sandblasting treatment of all kinds of surfaces in various industries.

Sandblasting nozzle is a hollow cylinder, through which the spray material is injected at a high speed, so the requirement in its strength and durability is quite high. Our products is made from SiSiC, featuring high stability and surface precision, able to maintain an unobstructed pipe passway and a high spraying efficiency.

Zhaotai is an experienced silicon carbide sandblasting nozzle manufacturer based in China. We provide a vast range of products, including silicon carbide roller, silicon carbide ceramic wear resistant pipe, silicon carbide ceramic burner, and more.

Other Products
  • Silicon Carbide Ceramic BushingThe silicon carbide ceramic bushing features high sturdiness, superb heat conductivity, resistance to wear, impact, corrosion and high temperature, and a long lifespan six times of polyurethane. It is especially applied to the grading, concentration and dehydration of corrosive and coarse granules in industries of ore dressing, petroleum, water conservation, coal, etc.
  • Silicon Carbide RollerSilicon carbide roller has high strength and oxidation resistance. It is an ideal fire-endurance component used in the clinkering zone of roller kiln. It has a lifespan 10 to 15 times of aluminum oxide ceramic roller due to its large bearing capacity under high temperature.