Silicon Carbide Ceramic Bushing

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Silicon Carbide Ceramic Bushing

The silicon carbide ceramic bushing features high sturdiness, superb heat conductivity, resistance to wear, impact, corrosion and high temperature, and a long lifespan six times of polyurethane. It is especially applied to the grading, concentration and dehydration of corrosive and coarse granules in industries of ore dressing, petroleum, water conservation, coal, etc.

Application in Swirler
Silicon carbide ceramic bushing is usually adopted in swirler, a granule separation device functioning by centrifugal sedimentation. Two-phase mixing fluid is fed through the feed inlet, and rotates vigorously in the swirler. Phases with different densities or granules with different granularities are subjected by different centrifugal forces or drag forces, thus the light phase or the fine granules will be discharged through the flooding pipe, and the heavy phase or the coarse granules will be expelled through the underflow port. Silicon carbide ceramic bushing offers a sturdy lining for the swirler to endure the impact from the swirling granules.

As a professional silicon carbide ceramic bushing manufacturer in China, we offer a broad range of products that includes silicon carbide crucible and sagger, SISIC air cooling pipe, silicon carbide ceramic thermal pipe, among others.

Other Products
  • Silicon Carbide RollerSilicon carbide roller has high strength and oxidation resistance. It is an ideal fire-endurance component used in the clinkering zone of roller kiln. It has a lifespan 10 to 15 times of aluminum oxide ceramic roller due to its large bearing capacity under high temperature.
  • Silicon Carbide Crucible and SaggerSilicon carbide crucible and sagger have long lifespan due to their high purity, thermal stability, and resistance to oxidation, corrosion and peeling. They are widely used in industries of metallurgy, electronics, chemical, mono-crystalline silicon, glass, etc.