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    1. Silicon Carbide Ceramic BurnerSilicon carbide ceramic burner is an ideal combustor for various industrial gas or oil furnace, such as roller kiln, tunnel furnace and shuttle kiln.
    1. Silicon Carbide Ceramic Wear Resistant PipeSilicon carbide ceramic wear resistant pipe is produced by lining a sintered ceramic pipe inside a steel pipe with adhesive ...
    1. Silicon Carbide Ceramic BeamSilicon carbide ceramic beam has advantages of high sturdiness, long lifespan, and endurance against oxidation and deformation.
    1. Silicon Carbide Sandblasting NozzleSilicon carbide sandblasting nozzle features high rigidity and endurance to temperature, wear, corrosion and thermal shock. It is widely used in the ...
    1. Silicon Carbide RollerSilicon carbide roller has high strength and oxidation resistance. It is an ideal fire-endurance component used in the clinkering zone of roller kiln.
    1. Silicon Carbide Ceramic Thermal PipeSilicon carbide ceramic thermal pipe is an essential for new type thermal treatment furnace, such as normalizing furnace in steel rolling mill.
    1. Desulfurization Dust Spray NozzleDesulfurization dust spray nozzle adopts SiSiC as its material which features high rigidity, low weight, surface precision, and endurance against wear, corrosion ...
    1. SiSiC Air Cooling PipeSiSiC air cooling pipe is manly applied to the cooling zone of roller kiln. It has merits of low heat expansion coefficient, high-temperature creep resistance ...
    1. Silicon Carbide Ceramic BushingThe silicon carbide ceramic bushing features high sturdiness, superb heat conductivity, resistance to wear, impact, corrosion and high temperature ...
    1. Silicon Carbide Crucible and SaggerSilicon carbide crucible and sagger have long lifespan due to their high purity, thermal stability, and resistance to oxidation, corrosion and peeling.

Technical Parameters

Index item Unit Value
Operation temperature ≤1380
Density g/cm3 ≥3.02
Porosity ÷ <0.1
Bending strength Mpa 250 (20 ℃ )
Mpa 280 (1200 ℃ )
Modulus of elasticity Gpa 330 (20 ℃ )
Gpa 300 (1200 ℃ )
Thermal conductivity W/m.k 45 (1200 ℃ )
Coefficient of thermal expansion K-1x10-6 4.5
Moh's hardness 9.2

Siliconized silicon carbide (SiSiC) is a material for nozzle, pipe, and other industrial components requiring high performance in heat and wear resistance, able to function under temperature below 1380℃. SiSiC features a dense structure. It has porosity below 0.1% and density over 3.02g/cm3. It is highly durable to impact, with a hardness of 9.2 (Moh's), equivalent to sapphire. SiSiC shows excellent mechanical performance both at common and high temperature. The elasticity modulus is 330GPa under 20℃ and 300GPa under 1200℃. The bending strength is 250MPa under 20℃ and 280MPa under 1200℃.The siliconized silicon carbide also has advantages in heat conductivity and thermal dimension stability which contribute to the performance stability under high temperature.

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