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Established in 2002, Weifang Zhaotai Engineering Ceramics Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer of siliconized silicon carbide ceramic. Our catalogue indexes over 2500 types of ceramic related products, including the silicon carbide roller and sandblasting nozzle, SiSiC air cooling pipe, silicon carbide ceramic beam and burner, and more. These SiSiC products are commonly utilized in industries such as aviation, metallurgy, petroleum, chemical, ore dressing, water conservation, glass ceramics, etc. We have been exporting to Australia, Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan, Brazil, India, Vietnam, and Thailand, among other countries and regions. With a decade of groundwork, our ZOTA SiSiC brand has gained quite a reputation on the global market. Our heat resistant kiln furniture, anti-abrasion ceramic, as well as the wear and corrosion resistant nozzle have all received critical acclaim.

Zhaotai maintains product quality through various methods. Raw material suppliers are thoroughly screened to ensure that they are able to provide high grade materials in a timely fashion. We own three advanced vacuum sintering furnaces, capable of manufacturing uniform density SiSiC products that are also highly resilient to heat, wear, and corrosion. Our company hosts quarterly quality assurance seminars and bi-monthly skill training sessions to help our staff further improve their operational proficiencies. A strict quality management system is in effect. The system effectively covers the entire production cycle, including raw material procurement, production planning, packaging, distribution, etc. Potential problems can be quickly pinpointed and resolved, limiting defection rates.

Weifang is a mere 130 KM from Qingdao Port. Both air and sea shipment routes are conveniently made available to us. The surrounding Weilai expressway, Jiqing expressway, and State road 206 enable highly efficient land travel. Utilizing this to our advantage, we purchase raw materials directly from local suppliers, significantly reducing logistic expenses. Bulk production also contributes toward cutting operational costs. We are always striving to bring you high quality siliconized silicon carbide ceramics at the most economic prices.

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